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​Wireless Communication

We can provide design / development and certification test support service for  WiFi / Bluetooth / NFC / FeliCa.

Local Connectivity

Mainly focusing on WiFi / Bluetooth technology, have abundant experience in main wireless chips and can provide services from device bring up to feature development and maintenance.


Familiarity with 802.11 wireless communication protocols can cover everything from the application layer to the device driver layer. He also has extensive experience in improving performance and connection stability.


Familiar with Bluetooth standards and profiles, has experience in supporting various profiles with the Bluetooth stack that is often used for Linux / Android, and has a wealth of experience in solving problems such as avoiding interference with Bluetooth Audio and WiFi communication. be.

NFC / FeliCa


We are familiar with the NFC / FeliCa standard, which is a short-range wireless communication technology widely installed in smartphones and smart devices in recent years, and can provide development and maintenance services using mainstream chips.

In addition, we have abundant experience in dealing with various certification tests peculiar to FeliCa, and can provide one-stop certification support services.




FeliCa RF Test

​This is a required test for FeliCa certification. We can  perform pre-testing in the same test environment as the actual one. We also provide analysis and consulting service for test results.


The Felica Networks ITA test is a pre-test for FN's TA certification. We have all the necessary equipment in our laboratory, and we can also provide consulting on test results.

Service Provider Test

It is a test required by each company (JR, Rakuten, etc.) that provide services based on FeliCa technology.  Test will be performed by service providers, we can provide consulting services.

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