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Automotive Development

We can provide services in IVI system development and module-related development such as ADAS / TCU.

IVI System Development

We can support the development of Android-based in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI systems), especially in the area of cameras and wireless communication, and can provide development services from the application layer to device drivers.

Has experience in developing WiFi / Bluetooth functions on Android Automotive OS and surround view functions using multiple cameras. We can also support a wide range of development, from server construction to project management tool preparation / coordination configuration management work, such as building automated test environments and creating documents related to development.

Telematics Service Development

​We have experience in developing TCUs (telematics control units) for Tier 1 manufacturers, and we support a wide range of activities from device driver development to framework design development, CAN / MPU communication realization, and application layer development based on Linux OS. Is possible.

In-vehicle platform experience

Linux / Android / Windows CE / ROS

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